SSL Certificate helps websites, web data (includes content, images, and user information) to be more secured. Moreover, SSL certificate causes positive impacts on SEO – Search Engines will appreciate if your website has an SSL certificate. 


So what is SSL? How does it affect SEO? Let’s find out with EMOHO!

What is SSL? How does it work?

What is SSL?

SSL (shorts for Secure Socket Layer) is a world-class security certificate, capable of establishing encrypted communication between the browser and the website server. SSL will ensure high security in the process of exchanging data between the website server and the user’s browser. Currently, integrating SSL Certificate for business websites is a must, especially in the context that users are always afraid of losing their personal information to hackers and spammers.

How does it work?

Once your browser received an SSL Certificate from a website, it will send the SSL Certificate to the server that stores the technical certificates, managed by “the giants” in the digital certificates realm, such as GlobalSign, VeriSign.


SSL certificates create a “protective barrier” when exchanging information between websites and the user’s browser. This certificate always changes the “password” when executing the information exchange command; hackers will not be able to “break the key” even if they own the data of the technical certificate storage server.


You can refer to the infographic below to understand how SSL certificate works.

Why your website needs an SSL certificate?

Without SSL Certificate, your website will be not secured. Hackers can intercept all data being sent between a browser and a web server; they can see it and use it for bad purposes.

Once the data on the website is stolen, both the website and the user will experience unpredictable consequences. The hacked website will be corrupted, while its users’ information is now in the hacker’s hand and he can use it for a various attack. 


Don’t ever underestimate Security issues on the Internet. If you’re not own an SSL certificate, afford it now to protect your website and your users! Below are some benefits of the SSL certificate to your website:

1. Increase your site rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)*

*If you don’t know what’s SERP, check out this article: Essential SEO terms.


Google appreciates websites that encrypted with SSL Certificate because it’s secured for Google users. SSL Certificate is the most important factors that a Search Engine algorithm will consider when ranking web pages. 


In order to establish a clean privacy ecosystem of the Internet, Google requires a website to satisfy many factors to rank high on the SERP. That’s why its customers will be secured and easy to find useful, most relevant information using it. Any website’s security vulnerability (Security hole) in the protocol will be warned, so that administrators can fix it to prevent hackers from taking advantage of errors for bad purposes. 


Nowadays, SSL certificate is a must if you want to increase your site rank on the SERP.

2. High secure browser

SSL can encrypt every data being transmitted between a website and its users, it will be secured and hacker-free. In case you didn’t know, each website is encrypted with a unique SSL, which issued by a certificate authority.

3. Increase your website credibility.

With an SSL Certificate, your website will be secured and free from hackers, and so as your customers. That’s why Google will highly appreciate an SSL encrypted website.

4. Attract more traffic to your website.

An integrated SSL website will hardly be corrupted; it also helps users to surf the site without worrying about personal information leakage. Moreover, the website rank will be improved, so that the organic traffic will increase.

5. Improve conversion rate

According to GlobalSign’s statistics, 90% of respondents said that if they found the website unsafe, especially without the SSL Certificate announced at the top of the browser, they would never provide their information on that website because of the high risk of information disclosure. With that, you can see how important SSL is. It’s crucial for convincing a potential customer to leave his/ her information or purchase a product using his/ her credit card information. Whether your customers trust you or not, it depends on your website security level.

How to let your visitors know that your website is secure?

Currently, the latest update version of Google Chrome allows users to know if a website is encrypted with an SSL certificate or not by looking at the address bar:


  • If the lock icon shows up, the website has encrypted.

  • If you see the statement ‘Not Secured’, the website doesn’t have SSL certific


What Levels of SSL Certificates Are Available?

DV – SSL: Domain Validation SSL.

DV shorts for Domain Validation. It helps validate your website domain. When using this type of SSL, your website data will be encrypted in the transmission process.

OV-SSL: Organization Validation SSL

OV shorts for Organization Validation. It helps validate that the business is the owner of the website.


EV-SSL: Extended Validation SSL

EV shorts for Extended Validation. It’s the highest secure SSL. In other words, it provides the maximum amount of trust to users. EV SSL allows company’s name to appear on the address bar.

SSL Certificate Conclusion

SSL Certificate is essential certification of any website; it not only allows the information transmission process between users and websites to be more secure but also prevents hackers from stealing your information. 

If you’re feeling confusing, don’t worry about it. This article just explains the details about SSL for you to understand. Today, most Domain/ Hosting registrars provide services that help you to easily set up your website SSL with a few clicks. Especially, if you register your hosting on Siteground, you’ll get free SSL certificate!

Leave a comment to let us know if you have any questions on SSL certificate. We’ll be happy to answer it!

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