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If you interest in photography, I’m sure that you have a beautiful soul, and a creative and imaginative mind. But above all, you’re an inquisitive, explorative kind of person. You would be bored if you have to work a repetitive work day by day. 

But most people, who interest but haven’t take any serious classes in photography – novice photographers would wonder: how to make money with photography? How can I transform my passion into a profitable profession?

Photography is a very crowded field. However, with the right amount of perseverance and creativity, there’s no doubt that you’ll secure enough commissions to make a living. Nowadays, when the Internet and Social Network sites has been thriving and booming, you can easily create a stunning photography portfolio and promote online to attract customers. 

The one thing that you need now is a nudge, one idea to embark on the path of creativity, beauty and passion. You will be no longer an Internet-nomad, because we’ve got your back! This post will provide everything that you need to make a living with photography

Here are 10 proven ways to make money with photography:

1. Sell stock photo

You’re probably might have heard about microstock/ macro stock if you interest in earning money from selling photos online. Let’s have a quick comparison between the two: 


  • Photo quality: Good
  • Photo price: low price (even down to under 1$/ photo)
  • Sell rights to use photos to an unlimited number of customers

Macro stock

  • Photo quality: Excellent
  • Photo price: Expensive (up to 100$ or more/ photo)
  • Sell exclusive rights to one unique customer.

You can easily see that the profit from the macro stock market is huge. But it’s not for novice photographers since you need incredibly high-quality photos. Instead, if you are a beginner and want to make money with photography, you are better focus on the microstock market. We’ve already written a step-by-step guide to sell stock photos online, click the button below to check it out.

2. Photography services with Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people purchase services they need and build the business they dream. You can create your own ‘brand’ with Fiverr just by a few easy steps. Here is some example of people working in the photography field in Fiverr:

There are various things you could think of when it comes to photography jobs: product photography, edit photos, logo design…On Fiverr, you literally can choose and do anything you want. Fiverr also offer a free online course here, which will show you how to make the most of Fiverr and be a successful Online-Freelancer. It’ll take you about 42 minutes to complete the course.

3. sell photography prints online

There are three ways you can make money with your prints from online sources:

  • You may sign up for a third-party seller. They will take care of everything, from order processing, printing to delivery. You’ll receive royalties if your pictures are purchased.
  • Using Etsy, an online platform for global trading, especially for unique and creative products. Etsy encourages sellers to do what they love and help buyers to find what they want.
  • You might print your own photos to sell them in your own way. You can find out more information about a successful story with selling photography prints on Instagram here

4. Create photography products

Do you have a stunning design that you want to print on a T-shirt and make money from? Do you have amazing ideas in your mind to design a phone case, jacket, or smug, and you want a supportive platform to help you out? Then you should definitely sign up to be a member of one of these platforms:

  • Teespring
  • Printful
  • Zazzle
  • Bonfire
  • CustomInk
Those online platforms are good places for you to make money with photography. They provide you tools that you could use to choose the color and the type or edit text and image of items you would like to sell. You can upload designs from outside of the platform. It also allows you to create campaigns to sell your products. Here is some example of products sold on Teespring:

5. sell travel photography stories

Are you a person with itchy feet who regularly want to escape from the daily routine? If the answer is Yes, then you should definitely combine your love for photography with travel. 

There are many things you could think about when it comes to traveling: taking photos of beautiful sceneries, special festivals, and local people. These are favorite topics of stock websites, as well as our customers. Your clients are usually magazines, newspapers, tour operators, or travel companies. 

Besides selling photos about interesting things on your trips, you can also write about them. There are websites that would offer you money to review your trips (if they meet their standards). 

Make money with photography is one of the best ways to make money from travel

6. wedding photography

Each year, the figure for weddings performed in the U.S. is about 2.4 million (approximately 150,000 in Canada). There are about 7.5 million bridal magazines sold per year. Looking at the figures, we can easily see that the wedding photography market is a profitable one. 

It can be understood that people always like to keep good memories, and the best way to do it is to take photos. Keeping memories is good, but preserving the best memories is the best. 

7. Create an Online Photography Course

If you are a professional photographer with excellent communication skills and confident of it, you definitely should check out how to create online photography courses. There are three common ways:

Firstly, you can create a website and upload your videos on that. You need a specific understanding of building sites if you choose to do it all on your own. For example, a website requires a hosting and domain to function, so you have to have money at the beginning. You will need to add necessary plugins for website decorating purposes.

Then, you should know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be able to let your courses approach your potential clients. Although managing all of the skills above takes time, you’ll have the authority to appraise your courses and keep 100% profit.

Don’t worry! After you read this complete guide on creating a blog or website, you can easily create your own website. With it, you can start making money with your photography knowledge.

Secondly, you could sign up to become an instructor on available online websites. Let’s take Udemy for an example. Udemy is an American online learning platform, which allows you to build online courses. Using the available tools, instructors could easily upload their videos, pdf files, PowerPoint presentations, ZIPs files to the platform. At the beginning of 2020, Udemy attracted over 50 million students and 57,000 instructors, with 150,000 courses in 65 languages. 

You can find out how to sign up for Udemy here. 

Utilizing the available tools of online platforms will be easier for you since you don’t have to know all the complicated things on building website. But the drawback is that you have to share the revenue with Udemy, which depends on how the course is sold. 

The last and easiest way is uploading your teaching videos onto Youtube. You won’t earn money directly from your videos but through advertisements – which is mainly affected by the traffic (viewers) to your videos. It results in an advantage that you can make your videos go viral by sharing them on social media. It would be better if you have a great number of friends interacting with you on social networks.

8. Participating in Photography Competitions

Taking part in a competition is an excellent way to check if your images are as good as the usual standard in the photography field. The registering fee is either low or not required. But the prize is often quite big. Photography competitions are held throughout the year with various prize structure from 1000$ to 20000$.

Let’s have an overview about the competitions with an example. The International Landscape Photographer of the Year is the biggest competition for landscape photographers. The prize structure of it is as follow:

International Landscape Photographer of the year

First prize: 5000$
Second prize: 1000$
Third prize: 500$

International Landscape Photography of the year

First prize: 2000$
Second prize: 1000$
Third prize: 500$

* Every prize includes trophy, inclusion and feature in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards Book, and a printed copy of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards Book.

The 2020 International Landscape Photographer of The Year will open this July!

9. Sell Photos in local Galleries

At first, you have to deal with the problem: how to get wall space. The best way to get your photos exhibited in a gallery is to go and visit the gallery in person. You will want to bring your ten best artworks along and show them to the responsible person.

But what kind of photos does the gallery want to show, which one would have a higher chance of being sold? For the most part, photos that make people recall local areas like lovely views or local landmarks would be suitable. For local galleries, pictures of famous landmarks, landscapes, or portraits would not be so popular.

As a rule of thumb, photos contain people won’t be sold while abstract pictures will. 

10. create a website/blog

Just like creating Online Photography Courses, this method requires a lot of time and efforts to learn how to create a website or a blog.


However, the benefit of blogging is huge. Besides keeping 100% revenue for yourself, you’ll be able to build your personal brand through your website, where people come when needed. If you want to become a professional photographer, and serious about working in this field for a long-term, you must create a website. The World will know your name someday.

Final Thought

Photography is an art, which requires creativity. Choose a solid stepping stone for you to be confident, then unleash your self and pursue your passion!


If you have any questions on making money with photography or want to share anything – maybe your successful story, just leave a comment! We appreciate it!

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