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Embark on the journey of being a professional adventure photographer is a long and difficult road. If you have a mentor who has a lot of experience and passion about the job, that would be time-saving and bring you great benefits. But not anyone could learn with a professional like that. In that case, a Masterclass with Jimmy Chin – A National Geographic photographer is the one for you!


  • About: Jimmy Chin – one of the most sought-after and recognized adventure sports athletes, photographers and filmmakers, National Geographic photographer will teach you his techniques on planning, shooting and post-processing stunning photos.
  • Price180$ for 1 year membership. You can access all courses on Masterclass, including the Adventure Photography classes by Jimmy Chin, once you’ve signed up.





  • The videos’ quality are superb.

  • Not feels like learning but listening to ‘words of wisdom’ from a senior of yours.

  • The videos are pre-recorded, so they are well structured and designed. 

  • The course is literally everything you need and expect to know about adventure photography

  • The course fee is relatively low at 180$/ year. It’s affordable for anyone: from students to professionals.



  • Since the videos are pre-recorded, there will be no interaction with the teacher.

  • Masterclass community is kind of barren and uninspiring.



The course is suitable for everyone who interested in Photography. If a novice photographer take this class, he/she can learn new things from it. That could be a particular type of photographer that he/she want to become, or a new technique from learning about setting modes, etc.


A professional photographer may also find benefits in this course. As a 15 year veteran of The North Face Athlete Team, Jimmy is one of the most sought-after and recognized adventure sports athletes, photographers and filmmakers working today. He is one of the only people to ski Mount Everest from the summit and climbed the much coveted first ascent of the Shark’s Fin on Meru. Jimmy has been profiled in numerous publications including National Geographic, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, GQ, People, and The New Yorker.


Since Jimmy has a lot of experience on adventure photography, you could be surprised by the knowledge that this course brings you.


Once sign up, you’ll got All-Access Pass for 1 year. You can learn any courses you want on MasterClass. The course categories include: 

  • Culinary Arts 

  • Music & Entertainment

  •  Business, Politics & Society

  • Film & TV

  • Writing

  • Sports & Games

  • Design, Photography, & Fashion

  • LifeStyle

  • Science & Technology

Particularly for the Adventure Photography course that taught by Jimmy Chin. You can watch all 20 high-quality videos of the course and can download full course materials.


Jimmy divides his class into twenty lessons that run from around 10-20 minutes in length, including:

Lecture 1: On Location: Climbing Photoshoot.

Meet the world-renowned photographer Jimmy Chin—and join him on location for a photoshoot with his climber friends Conrad Anker and Bree Buckley. 


What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Preparation is the key. How to prepare for a climbing photoshoot. 

  • Which kind of shot should you do first?

  • Using different lenses to shoot. 

  • Communicate with your team. 

  • Work with your model. 

  • Learn about a basic rule of composition in practice: Depth.

Lecture 2: On Location: Portrait and Natural light.

The journey continues. Jimmy will lead you through an outdoor portrait session with Conrad and teach you how he thinks about using natural light.


What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Insights about light. Tips for using light.

  • Creating harmony between subject and background.

  • How to use manual focus mode effectively.

Lecture 3: Capturing your passion.

“As a photographer, you’re setting your own standards and I personally think you should set them very high.” – Jimmy Chin

Jimmy talks about his philosophy of finding your own voice as a photographer, evolving creatively, and learning from failure.


What you will learn in this lesson:

  • How to find your voice.

  • Learn more about Jimmy’s influences.

Lecture 4+5: Principles of Narrative.

“The best photojournalists out there aren’t just great photographers. They’re great thinkers. They’re great storytellers.” – Jimmy Chin


Jimmy will teach you how to construct a photo narrative and tell a compelling story – with a focus on editorial, to win magazine clients.


What you will learn in these lessons:


Jimmy will walk you through the detail of the 4 steps in the process of shooting for a magazine. Here’s the first 2 steps:

  1. Concepting and research the idea

  2. Pitch the idea

Now that you have an inspiring and powerful story in mind, Jimmy will explain the core principles of working with your editor to bring that story to life. The last 2 steps:

  1. Shoot the story

  2. Edit the story

Alex Honnold on Half Dome

*Jimmy’s shot of Alex Honnold on Half Dome is an example of the one image that tells the story in a single frame. It was the hero image for his National Geographic story about climbing in Yosemite, and it ended up being the cover

Lecture 6: Shooting at the Top

“Photography is a vehicle to give you access to the world”.

Join Jimmy as he breaks down two sky-high photoshoots: one from the top of the tallest building in the United States, the other from the peak of the tallest mountain in the world.

What you will learn in these lessons:

  • What Jimmy needs to do to get the shots

  • Exercises for you to practice thinking creatively under pressure.

jimmy chin teaches adventure photography review

Lecture 7: Commercial Work: Pitching and Working With Clients

Jimmy will teach you his strategy for winning commercial clients, executing effective work, and integrating your creative voice into brand campaigns.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • How to get commercial work
  • Managing the project
  • Resources for commercial photographers

Lecture 8: Commercial Case Study: Canon Shoot

Lecture 9: High-Stakes Photography

Jimmy will show you his set of practical directives for safely and constructively running a creative high-stake shoot.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • How important is managing risks in adventure photography
  • Lessons on achieving success through practice, and learning from failure.

Lecture 10: Photo Studies: Creative Partnerships

“You really want to work with people who elevate your game, who really push you.” – Jimmy Chin.

Jimmy will break down how creative relationships fuel his photography, and explores the importance of forging partnerships with those who push you to greater heights.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • How the strong and creative friendship with Conrad Anker helps Jimmy to invent new ways to shot in Antarctica.
  • Learn more about climbing and Jimmy’s creative partnership.

Lecture 11: Building and Leading a Team

“Take responsibility and lead by example.” – Jimmy Chin.

A photographer is often the creative leader of a team. Jimmy will teach you how to increase the professionalism and convey your creative vision, and lets you in on the preproduction meeting for the on-location shoots.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Leadership and Collaboration.
  • What’s going on in a Preproduction Meeting.
  • Resources for preproduction

Lecture 12: Photo Studies: Mountain Architecture

“At the end of the day, probably the greatest designer is nature.” – Jimmy Chin.

Jimmy will break down his approach to photographing mountain landscapes, and how he composes his shots.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • How to use basic tools of good composition to bring balance and interest to the scene.
  • Learn more about portrait composition.
  • Practice exercises.

Lecture 13: Editing

“You’re trying to get to the very best images that you’ve shot. It comes down to very fine details.” – Jimmy Chin.

Using his own photos, Jimmy will teach you his process for sifting through hundreds of images to find the best few for his narrative.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Jimmy’s 5-Star method.
  • Back-up strategies 

Lecture 14: Post-Processing: Conrad on the Wall

“This is your image. You want it to look as good as it possibly can.” – Jimmy Chin.

Jimmy takes you through a detailed look at the adjustments he made to a photo before presenting it to a commercial or editorial client.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Lightroom’s post-processing toolbox  
  • Post-processing applications.
  • Localized Adjustments  

Lecture 15: Post-Processing: Portrait

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Jimmy’s techniques for retouching portraits.

Lecture 16: Gear: Cameras, Lenses, Power, and Storage

“So when I think about the different modes in cameras – I like to keep things simple. It’s good to have your go-to’s in different scenarios.” – Jimmy Chin.

Jimmy describes and explains which cameras, lenses, and accessories he takes with him on shoots.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • Lens basic.
  • Jimmy’s Cameras. Jimmy’s Go-To Lens. Jimmy’s Favorite Trinity of Lenses. 
    Other Lenses Jimmy Loves.
  • Travel tips & Jimmy travel checklist.

Lecture 17: Settings: Modes, ISO, Focus, and Depth of Field

Get the most out of your camera’s functions and lenses. Jimmy dives into how different settings have different effects, and shares practical tips for determining which configuration will help you get the best shot.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • The Exposure Triangle.
  • Utilizing camera modes.
  • Exposure compensation.
  • Depth of Field.
  • Compressing shots. 
Jimmy Chin teaches adventure photography review

Lecture 18: Career Advice: Building a Body of Work

Building a career takes tenacity and patience. Learn Jimmy’s philosophy behind a life in photography–and how hard work, passion, and perseverance can lead to success.

Lecture 19: Becoming a Photographer: Jimmy's Story

Lecture 20: Conclusion: Be Present on Your Journey


The course is for everyone who interested in photography. Regardless of which type of photography you’re into. You can learn new techniques from Jimmy Chin – a master in adventure photography once you enroll for the course. We highly recommend you sign up for Masterclass and start your journey right away!

If you have any question about the Adventure Photography course taught by Jimmy Chin on MasterClass, please leave a comment below to let us know. We’ll answer as soon as we can and we’ll appriciate your feedback.

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