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Did you search for ‘how to make money from travel?’
Are you a student who has just finished high school and wanting a gap year for travel?
Are you tired of working 9-to-5 and want to escape from your routine but also worrying about the expense for your trip?
Are you a person with itchy feet, you always want to travel but live on a tight budget?
Is MONEY the most significant obstacle between you and the desire to travel the world?

If the answer is yes, then this is the right place for you.

You will find out the answer to the first question above while reading this post. But it would be best if you kept in mind that earning money from traveling is not an easy task. It might take a lot of time. You need specific skills and pieces of knowledge to make a living out of your trips. There will be easy jobs that require neither experience nor initial money. But there will also be jobs that only professionals could accomplish.

7 Ways to make money from travel

Teaching Languages

If you are an English native speaker, then there will be a massive opportunity to earn money while traveling. You should consider it as a felicity since the demand for learning English in many countries is always high. 


If you do not speak English, you could teach your mother tongue. But the number of learners might be small. Still, you should contact local libraries, universities, or language centers to ask about language tuition jobs. 


Besides, an alternative way for language tuition is to work as an online tutor., are popular websites that will help you. 


Take as an example. The website provides an integrated platform and an international community. Once you apply to teach at Verbling, you can work anywhere, anytime, with any kind of equipment (smartphone, tablet, or desktop)


Being a freelancer is getting easier nowadays. Many online platforms are established like Upwork, Fiverr, where you can find or even create jobs that you like. Take Fiverr for an example. Fiverr is a website where people purchase services they need and build the business they dream. You can create your own ‘brand’ with Fiverr just by a few easy steps. Here are some examples on Fiverr:
Although it would be hard at the beginning, you could learn how to make the most out of Fiverr from the course Freelance on Fiverr & Become a Top Rated Seller. You will learn how to set up a Gig (the service you sell on Fiverr), receive orders, choose the right service, get 5-star reviews, and create multiple Gigs. When you finish this course, you will know how to become a featured seller and a top-rated seller.


Blogging (Writing on websites or Making youtube videos) would be a reasonable choice for those who have excellent writing and photography skills. Besides earning money from blog posts, it’s also an excellent way to save and share your precious memories.


The better the content, the more interesting the stories, the more viewers you’ll get. The more visitors to your blog, the more money you will make. Once you have a stabilized number of traffics to your website, money would come without much effort. Magazines, organizations, companies will reach out to you automatically to offer free trips for you to write blog posts and advertise their tours. This is the best way for you if you tend to live with your passion as traveling for the long term.

Sell your photos

If there is an activity that people do anytime they travel, I would say that it is taking photos. Would it be fantastic if you could earn money from the photos you took? There are many things you could think about when it comes to traveling: taking pictures of beautiful sceneries, special festivals, and local people. These are favorite topics of stock websites, as well as our customers. Your clients are usually magazines, newspapers, tour operators, or travel companies. Besides selling photos about exciting things on your trips, you can also write about them. Some websites would offer you money to review your trips (if they meet their standards).
But of course, you cannot take outstanding pictures in a day or two; you should learn and practice photography skills and tips to an acceptable level. If you are a photography novice without either a mentor or enough money to take part in offline photography classes. You should consider signing up for online courses once you determine to earn money from selling your photos while traveling.
There are many sites that allow you to upload your photos for sale, such as Depositphotos, Shutterstock, Etsy. You will not receive 100% of the revenue once your photos are sold. Instead, the site will pay you royalties based on their terms. Anyway, utilize an available platform would benefit you in many ways: you don’t have to learn more about building websites, SEO, marketing… You will have a lot of time to travel.

Teach people your skills

Language is not the only thing that people want to have lessons in; they also want to learn other skills. If you are a master in, let say playing guitar. You should definitely open a short-term class or apply to teach online on a supportive platform like Fiverr,, Teaching people in the place that you stay while traveling is also an excellent way to connect to the local community and make new friends while traveling.
Use your talent!

Offering dog services

If you are a dog lover, then sell dog services would be perfect for you. Playing with dogs in other countries is an exciting experience that you should try at least once. You could earn money from doing the things you love to do! Isn’t that exciting? To become a dog sitter, you should join a community. One of the most popular dog service community in the world is Rover. Its community has Thousands of pet sitters across the United States and trusted around the world. The pet care services that Rover supports include dog sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking. You can sign up to become a seller on Rover here.

Street performance

Singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, or being a living statue. If you are good at one street performance art, do it! You could earn a surprising amount of money if you’re in the right place and being at the right time. However, you must check with the local law if street performances are allowed or not. Most of the time, you need some kind of permissions to perform on the street legally.

France is probably the best country for you if you want to earn money from performing on the street. There are a lot of good reviews from buskers who traveled there. Paris is especially welcoming to buskers. No one has been seen to be hassled by the police there. You can refer to some places to perform in Paris below:


  • The small bridge near Notre Dame.

  • The Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel at the Louvre museum.

  • On the stairs at the Sacre Coeur.

  • The plaza in front of Pompidou

Australia is also a good place for street performing. An iconic example is the Australian singer Tones and I (Toni Watson), who became a phenomenon after performing on the street of Byron Bay. She broke out from an unknown busker to a famous singer with over 1 billion streams on Spotify globally, since she released ‘Dance Monkey’ in May 2019. This famous song has penned on the worst day of Toni’s busking career – Someone robbed her money, some drunk people teased and bullied her, and audiences were even booing at her. To someone else, this may be the end of this world, but to Toni, it’s not. She turned the lemons into lemonade, she wrote the song, and it boomed! This is a case in point for ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. You can transform the worst experiences in your life into the greatest motivation that helps you achieve things you never thought were possible.

There are many places where you can show your talent in Australia, such as Federation Square, Queen Victoria Markets, and Flinders Street Station. You can learn more about busking in Australia here.


Let’s check out the inspiring performance of Tones and I:

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, are OK; Amsterdam is also a great place for buskers, but the number of competitors there will be relatively high.


In Amsterdam, you usually don’t need a license to perform on the streets if you meet the required conditions and reverse. The requirements include: 

  • Your band (group) is no more than 6 people playing at the same time.

  • The time is between 9:00 and 23:00.

  • Your performance doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes at the same location. You have to move at least 100 meters away from the previous place.

  • You don’t use barrel organs, amplifiers, or percussion instruments.

 If you don’t meet the conditions above, you will have to complete the street artist licence , which costs you €200. Besides, there’re many streets in the city center areas that not allow you to perform without a license, check out the map here.

Southeast Asia is not a great area for street performers to make a living. But if you travel to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia… for a few days, you can come to the walking streets (usually in the middle of bustling cities) to busk. Since these are developing countries, some metro lines have been set up to serve the transportation demand; you may ask your friends who traveled there, or search online for more information about busking there. You can learn more about How to travel for cheap and The cheapest and worthiest place to visit in Asia if you’re planning to travel to SEA.

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